We are a small school of about 200 students located in the Highlands of Guatemala. Our students, who are mostly of Mayan descent, range in age from 3½ to 18 years of age, attending classes from PreKinder through Diversificado (high school).

      Our students have lofty goals. They dream of attending a university and of becoming doctors, lawyers, graphic designers, and engineers. In order to help our students reach these goals, we provide them with a safe place to learn, and play, offering a full curriculum of classes including math, language, science, computers, English, dance and learning based on projects.


 In order to provide these students with an education, we need people who are willing to be Sponsors. We need people who understand that to educate a child is to change the life of not only that child, but also that of his family, neighbors, and country. We also need Volunteer Teachers who

are willing to come and give of their time and love to help teach English.







To promote, support, and establish educational opportunities for motivated and qualified children in Patzicía. We strengthen these children and their families by:

- Encouraging and teaching valuable knowledge and life skills

- Developing honorable citizens and leaders

- Promoting educational excellence


  • At Colegio Mesoamericano–Patzicía we are committed to the deliveryof education of thehighest quality, engaging teachers and mentors bearing high moral, and high academic standards.